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Tractor game is played by using arrow keys, X and “SPACE” space keys on the computer and clicking the buttons on the bottom of the screen on mobile phones and mobile tablets. Move the vehicle with the arrow keys and adjust its balance. Press the brake with a gap. Perform the same operations on mobile phones by touching the accelerator and brake pedals at the bottom of the screen.

You earn money when you deliver the farm crops you have loaded from the harvester machine in the field to your vehicle without leaving the ground on the ground. With these money, you can increase the features of your vehicle or buy a new tractor. At first, 100 TL is given. With this money, buy gasoline and tires for 50 TL each. Complete the first part and earn money without braking at all.

The development section on the menu page includes ENGINE (engine), GEARBOX (gearbox), TIRES (tires), BOOST (case) and FUEL (gasoline) options. Play the tractor mania game by upgrading these features as much as you can. When you save your money even more, complete the sections more easily by purchasing new tractors and trucks.

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